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The wealth of the Greek countryside

Discover the process of creating our unique Oliwa Ze Wsi, and better know our Greek brand.

Olive oil from trees over 300 years old.

Kalamata is known for the best oil in Greece. That's where Oliwa Ze Wsi is born.

The secret of its quality lies in its respect for the product and the passion of creativity, passed down from generation to generation in its homegrown label. Oliwa ze Wsi's pumping operations are performed with utmost care to produce extra virgin olive oil.

Hand harvested and embossed in 24 hours after harvest.

Our oil is not subject to absolutely no filtration, which, apart from the natural sludge, also show olive particles on the bottom of the bottle.

Bottled directly on the day of pressing

We do not store oil in metal tanks.

In no case do we store oil in large metal tanks. On the day of pressing, the oil is bottled and I look forward to its buyers while retaining their distinct flavor.

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